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As government scales back its activities in the face of continuing budgetary constraints, private not-for-profit (or “non-profit”) organizations are increasingly stepping in to address community needs. At the same time, these organizations are subject to growing financial pressures and regulatory scrutiny.

We help not-for-profit organizations and corporate boards fulfill their legal responsibilities to their donors and other stakeholders for effective governance and accountability. We work with our clients to develop and implement governance structures and protocols that facilitate board and organizational effectiveness, including conflicts of interest and corporate compliance policies and procedures.

Typically this involves a combination of board member education and development, revision of corporate documents and implementation of board level policies and procedures. In educating our boards, we not only discuss their common law and regulatory obligations, but help them fulfill their responsibilities to the organization’s mission by focusing their activities on the operations oversight, financial soundness, corporate compliance, and service quality. We prepare and revise their governance documents with a keen sense of how the policies and procedures enable the organization to state and fulfill its mission, vision and values.


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