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Information Technology

Fifty years ago, a business’ main infrastructure was its bricks and mortar. Today its information technology (IT) platform is fundamental, as it supports mission-critical activities, provides services, monitors operations and metrics, and facilitates efficient billing and collecting. Whether locally, remotely or cloud-based, a company’s information technology infrastructure needs to operate seamlessly, be reliably supported and maintained, and support the confidentiality of business transactions with its own clients or patients.

Healthcare organizations especially need reliable IT structures for both daily operations and emergency preparedness. Negotiation of effective IT transactions results in agreements that are clear about how the vendor strengthens the client’s activities through its implementation, support and maintenance obligations. Properly implemented IT strategies will demonstrate an organization’s meaningful use (providing access to government incentive funding) and enable HIPAA and other regulatory compliance.

Our approach to IT issues is practical and hands-on. Carefully considered and documented workflows can often make the difference between compliance and non-compliance, effective and impaired work processes. We work as part of our client’s teams to ensure that the IT system functions as a structurally-sound part of the organization’s infrastructure, rather than a potential critical failure point.

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