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Individual and institutional healthcare providers must deliver quality, compliant care to their patients or they risk being out of business. They do this in an extremely challenging industry, legal and compliance environment. As they challenge themselves to implement greater quality and efficiency in their operations, a huge range of regulations that are counterintuitive to most business people impact their daily activities.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny over their operations, providers need experienced healthcare counsel who share a devotion to quality and possess an intimate understanding of how they can achieve success in the face of the complex and often conflicting demands imposed on them by patients, payors and the government.

We help our clients navigate the business and legal implications for their activities and transactions; identify inherent risks or opportunities; and craft practical, compliant solutions that enable them to focus on providing quality care to their patients. When crises arise we also help them successfully navigate and resolve regulatory and accrediting agency investigations and citations.

Representative Matters

Contracting and Affiliation

Governance and Strategic Issues

Crisis Response

Regulatory and Policy Concerns

Operational Challenges


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