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Corporate Counsel

Effective business legal advice comes from broadly experienced counsel who is familiar with an organization’s diverse legal needs, from financing to information technology contracting, to the development of institutional policies and procedures. The purchase of legal services can be an investment in an organization’s future, but it must be carefully tuned to an understanding of how the proposed legal structures and solutions will support and interact with other areas of the business. It is not enough for a strategy to be legally sound; it must make good business sense, too.

When we function as outside counsel to clients who have an in-house attorney, we recognize that one of our primary jobs is to enhance inside counsel’s effectiveness through a combination of quality and practical legal work, delivered on time and within budget, and informed by an understanding of the operations of the client’s organization and the in-house counsel’s organizational position. Our attorney clients recognize what goes into good legal work, appreciate our conservative, practical, but creative approach to the issues they entrust to us, and value the way we collaborate with them to meet their clients’ legal needs.




Regulatory Affairs

Crisis Response


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