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Corporate Compliance

Government mandates are increasing daily, particularly on healthcare and non-profit organizations. While these organizations struggle to keep up with their business imperatives, they frequently feel that compliance activities may be”make work”with no real benefit to the organization other than keeping the government away.

Corporate compliance cannot just be a shield against the government. Effective compliance has to include policies, procedures and activities that enhance our clients’ business processes, avoiding and/or remedying mistakes that threaten to drag down an organization.

To this end we help our clients design and implement corporate compliance programs and activities that promote a culture of compliance within all levels of the organization as they strengthen the organization’s ethics, business quality and bottom line.

We accomplish this by learning about our client’s organization and then providing its directors, officers and employees with the education and process tools they need to support their compliant and effective business operations. When our clients identify concerns about non-compliance, we work with them to remedy any issues and to respond to governmental regulators so as to minimize any organizational disruption.



Regulatory Affairs

Crisis Response


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