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“What is the deal?” is the most important question that needs to be answered when drafting, negotiating and closing a contract. Does everyone understand it, and if they do, do they still agree? Is it written so tightly that there can be no deviation from its terms, or do the parties want (or need) more flexibility in their relationship?

When we work with our clients on their contracts, we help them understand the full deal they are agreeing to. This includes the basic terms that they have worked out with their counterparts, as well as the business and legal risks that go along with those terms. We draft our agreements so that the deal may be clearly understood, and all parties held to account, but we can also incorporate flexibility so that the agreement can function effectively for the parties’ evolving relationship.

We do this for a full range of transactions and business relationships that our clients require in order to accomplish their goals, from the routine to the strategic, from simple services agreements to complex information technology agreements. Examples of our work are listed below:

Representative Matters

Corporate Counsel

Information Technology



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