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Welcome to the Zinder Law blog

Since this is my first official posting, I have to admit, I’m not really sure what this blog is or will be. I hope to use this as a forum to provide my colleagues, peers, clients and whoever passes by with some information and musings on the legal and other issues of the day.

What I do know is that if you expect that as an attorney I will focus this blog on one practice area, or type of client, or issue, or perspective, you will be mistaken. I hope to provide readers with

  • Alerts on issues and changes in the law that may affect prospective clients and colleagues
  • Reflections on issues my clients have addressed successfully and which have a broad import
  • Matters of interest
  • Humorous anecdotes about the law and life (because even professionals need a laugh now and again)
  • Selections from my own work as a photographer (after all, there is far more to me than the law)

The reality is that whatever this blog is, I expect that it will be multi-faceted. Having started out in a large firm’s corporate/banking practice, only to switch my practice focus to representing healthcare, information technology and non-profit clients as in-house counsel, I now find myself in my own firm and Special Counsel to another, namely Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan ( So, the one thing I know is that change and diversity have marked my professional life from the beginning, and I am certain will continue to be a hallmark of my ongoing activities.

Moreover, the blog will not assume the austere all-knowing perspective of an “Attorney at Law,” but the perspective of someone working with my clients, as part of their team, to face and resolve their challenges. In other words, I practice more in the vein of a “Counselor at Law” than the all knowing “Attorney at Law.”

This space is, at least in part, an effort to share not only my professional knowledge but my persona so colleagues can get a sense that I will be a valuable addition to their teams, and prospective clients can get a flavor of what it might be like to have me as their lawyer.

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