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About Us

Understanding the law is not enough for us. Our clients need lawyers who can guide in the real world, not academics espousing theory.

To help our clients achieve their goals, we strive to understand their businesses. Only then can we efficiently identify legal risks and opportunities that have real potential to impact our clients’ operations and goals. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Our firm was founded on this philosophy and it impacts everything we do.

The Law Office of Susan F. Zinder, PLLC. provides comprehensive corporate legal services informed by a broad perspective shaped by in-house counsel and big firm experience. We are practical, proactive and efficient, both learning from and teaching our clients. We do the legal work directly where our experience is a good fit, and recruit and supervise co-counsel and other professionals when the matter calls for different expertise.

The diagram at right presents our primary legal practice areas and the challenges that our clients face. If your organization focuses on one of these areas, if you regularly face these challenges or if you are counsel who could benefit from reliable back up in working with similar clients and matters, we would love to hear from you.


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